January, 2020

The views fromt he resident’s rooms as Jessica’s House can be breathtaking no matter the season.  We enjoy our beautiful gardens with the water feature in the summer, the turning in the fall and most recently the snow covered grounds this month as winter has settled in. There can be something to said for the tranquility of a snow fall on a cold winter’s night.

Jessica’s House has a variety of “complimentary therapies” that are offered to our residents to help increase their comfort and to perhaps reduce what may feel like isolation.  Haircuts and massages have both been well used services and we are very pleased to have included pet therapy and regular musical guests to the hospice.  It is very peaceful to hear the sounds of voices singing or guitars safely playing to comfort and smooth not only our residents but their families as well.  We have hosted celebrations include a 95th birthday party and special wedding anniversary dinners.  It is our goals to ensure that his is really a “home away from home” providing a relaxed atmosphere for our residents and their guests.

Spiritual care can be an important aspect of end-of-life for many people, we are very pleased to welcome Laurie Nevin to the role of spiritual care support.  Laurie has been a volunteer at Jessica’s House since it opened in June 2018.  She is a kind and gentle person who will be available weekly to our residents for caring conversation.

we have found with families who are worried about what coming to hospice might be like; having a tour has certainly helped to reduce anxiety.  If you are considering your end-of-life plans and would like to come for a visit please don’t hesitate to call Tracy Snell at 519-235-0941 to set up an appointment for a tour.